Every day starts with you getting up and eating a good breakfast to fuel yourself for the day. You shouldn’t treat this part of your day lightly because it is what can set the mood for the rest of your day. And a hearty but healthy breakfast will have a lot to do with that.

That’s why we’re taking our breakfast very seriously and we want to load up on those healthy proteins and carbs right in the the early morning so that our bodies get that awesome boost in energy. Here are 50 of the best recipes to choose from for your perfect day. Enjoy!

Sweet Oatmeal Energy Bites

Check out this recipe for breakfast oatmeal energy bites. Yummy! #RecipeIdeas @recipes_to_go
Recipe: hip2save.com

These bites are perfect if you are looking for a healthy breakfast.  They are easy to make and one can spice up the flavor by add-ins such as raisin, and dried cherries.

Casserole Turkey and Egg Breakfast

Check out this recipe for breakfast turkey and egg casserole. Yummy! #RecipeIdeas @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.aimeemars.com

This happens to be one of those easy to make breakfast dishes. It comes packed with vital nutrients and has a finger licking taste.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Check out this recipe for breakfast sweet potato bowl. Yummy! #RecipeIdeas @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.healthy-liv.com

This dish has sweet potatoes as the main ingredient with almond butter, raisin and nuts as add-ins to add to the taste.  Once backed one can add honey or even a ripe banana to add to the sweetness.

Taquitos with Baked Sausage, Spinach and Eggs

Check out this recipe for breakfast taquitos with baked sausage, spinach and egg. Yummy! #RecipeIdeas @recipes_to_go
Recipe: therecipecritic.com

This kind of meal is just perfect for breakfast and comes with a crispy taste. The taquitos are quite delicious especially when served with extra salsa dippings.

Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Parmesan

Check out this recipe for breakfast eggs with mushrooms and Parmesan. Yummy! #RecipeIdeas @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.kalynskitchen.com

This happens to be one of those meals that are bound to leave an impression. It is quite simple and a healthy alternative if you are looking for a meal that is low in carb and still has that delicious taste.




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