This Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread is so delicious, moist and tender with a chocolatey and nutty flavor and wonderful aroma. Either as breakfast, dessert or mid-day snack, it will make you feel cozy and heartwarming.


We recently visited the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen and had a delicious slice of chocolate banana bread at their coffee shop. Just one thin slice was full of crunchy nuts with a chocolatey flavor and an amazing aroma of winter spices. Totally hyggelig(t) (hygge-like)!

If you wonder what “hygge” means, let’s talk a little bit about this concept. Denmark is among the happiest countries in the world according to many rankings, and hygge is perhaps one of their secrets to happiness. The peaceful life I’ve seen in Denmark inspired me to add more simple yet hyggelig things to my daily life (such as lighting more candles in my home or baking more often).

There is no direct equivalent word in English, but some explanations include “social coziness” or “coziness of the soul”. Hygge is humble and slow. And if you could taste it, the taste of hygge would be almost always familiar, sweet and comforting

So in short, the chocolate banana bread we tried was so delicious that I wanted to make it at home, and baking is also a hyggelig activity :)! My version includes banana, chocolate, walnuts, cinnamon, and nutmeg – they make such a perfect flavor combination that it is so difficult to eat only one slice. The bread is also very moist and tender, even on the next day.




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