Who needs bread?? This Keto Chicken BLT Salad has all the good stuff…without all the carbs!

Keto BLT Salad

Not gonna lie, I’m not really a salad person.

I mean, if I go out to a restaurant, I’m not ordering a salad for dinner when there’s so much other good stuff on the menu!

But every now and then you find a salad that actually gets you excited about salads – and this, my friends, is one of those salads.

When we were dating, my husband used to make the most killer BLT sandwiches. It was one my my favorite things he cooked (and he is the chef in the family and cooks a lot…so that’s saying something!)

However, on keto bread is out of course – but my husband made this keto BLT salad that tastes so amazing I don’t even miss the bread!

Maybe it’s the sliced egg on top.

Or maybe it’s the unbelievably flavorful mustard vinaigrette.

Whatever it is, this recipe is a keeper!!

Who needs bread?? This Keto Chicken BLT Salad has all the good stuff...without all the carbs!




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