21 Keto Lunch Ideas you’ll be stoked to take to work! Whether you’re a meal prepper or a leftover enthusiast you’ll love these easy ketogenic lunch recipes that are easy, packable, and low carb!

When I started the keto diet, I never had a hard time finding good keto recipes or ten for dinner or dessert, but keto lunch ideas? That was always a challenge for me. If you’ve been thinking that finding a fabulous packable, on the go, low carb lunch for work or school or even home is next to impossible; you’re not alone.

Keto Lunch Meal Prep

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again-meal prep is the best & easiest way to stay on top of your keto diet game. Not only does it save you a ton of money, but it’s also a sanity-saving time and energy saver. Meal prepping your lunches on Saturday or Sunday means the more free time during the week and always means more money in your pocket because you cut back on last-minute grocery store runs & restaurant meals.

Meal prepping doesn’t mean you’ll spend all day in the kitchen! You may choose three crockpot meals for the week that make enough for dinner and lunch.

Boom. How’s that for easy?

Ok, I’ll jump off the meal prep soapbox now. You can read more about meal prepping for weight loss on the keto diet right here.




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