Do you have those recipes you could practically make in your sleep? Well, if not then don’t worry because I’ve got one for you!

This Turkey Egg Breakfast Casserole is pretty much on an every other week rotation in our family and I can assure you there have been many mornings I’ve had one eye open while dozing with the other as I prepared this dish. And here’s the punchline for the win: it’s healthy, I mean really healthy.

Did I mention it’s also easy to prepare? Well, it is so if I’ve sold you on making this dish for breakfast tomorrow then keep reading for the recipe…

My Brother and his family were recently visiting over Memorial Day weekend and I wanted to prepare an easy breakfast one morning since the weekend, aside from respecting our troops, is about ease and relaxation. My Mom and Dad were also in attendance for the family festivities and she always, always, suggests I make this casserole.


Even when I’m at home she casually suggests I should make it, which isn’t your Mom supposed to do all the cooking when you go home? I thought that was the deal (Mom, if you’re reading this here’s the recipe so now you can make it).

Needless to say I knew this would go over as a hit with almost everyone so I woke up early and quietly began my prep in the kitchen. Shortly after I’d laid out my ingredients I heard my Sister-in-law tip toe into the kitchen and ask if she could help.

Now, sometimes I’ll shoo people out of my kitchen, but it’s a rare occasion (Actually that’s not true because when it’s a hectic day, which seems like every day, I’ll freely kick out my kids, husband and the dog) so I handed her a spatula and pointed her toward the skillet.

Just as I was layering the sweet potatoes in the baking dish she said “Chase (that’s my brother) doesn’t like sweet potatoes so this should be interesting.” Now I know there are many people out there who don’t like sweet potatoes, my neighbors included, but it still blows my mind every time I hear an aversion to the root vegetable.



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